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Default Re: David Price Vs Tony Thompson in February.

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
It would mean nothing because its not in Wlads nature to look for eary knockouts. Did the majority here start following boxing last week?
You're 100% correct about their respective styles and I know the whole triangle thing is meaningless when assessing outcomes between fighters who only have a common opponent, but I think it would mean something - in terms of reputation and marketability (not so much his chances against Wladimir, who is flat-out head-and-shoulders above every contender out there).

Thompson is generally a pretty durable fighter. He doesn't do anything spectacular by any means, but has a bit of skill, doesn't block 75% of punches with his face as the majority of HW's do nowadays, has great size, and has fought solid opposition. If Price can stop him early, it'll further stamp Price as an extremely serious puncher and cement his status as one of the true heavyweight contenders.

Knocking out Thompson early would also make people want to see him fight again. It'd get the hype-machine going a bit more than what it's currently at. With the lack of exciting prospects out there (further diminished by hyped Mitchell getting sparked early) Price would be seen as a breath of fresh air - and we all know fans love the knockout punchers. Especially those with an aura of vulnerability, which Price seems to have according to his amateur background and gym stories.

...but I see your point and what you're getting at.
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