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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by RiosBambam View Post
I hate Lennox Lewis. He knocked out my favorite fighters and I absoutely hate him. I think he's an arrogant **** and I hate how he can't prounounce words and I definitely don't like his overall mannerism.
But as much as I hate Lennox, I can not bash his h2h greatness or his resume or his courage.
He never ducked anybody. Holyfield himself said 'I was the guy everyone cherry picked' 'Nobody wanted to fight Lennox' EVERYBODY wanted to fight me' 'Everyone was scared of Lennox'.
Golota was the most feared puncher in the division after he demolished Ruddock and Lewis took that fight as a massive under dog. He destroyed Golota. Tua/Grant they were all hyped to hell and given real chances of knocking out Lennox and he fought them as well. He never ducked anyone and would have went to war against Tyson any time during the 90's.
Now a real ducker is Vitali.. Who waited till Lennox got old and fat before he decided to show up and still got tko6ed.
Once again I am not a Lennox fan at all, but as boxing fans we must be honest. Lewis is a top 5 ATG HW, and top 3 H2H. He is a dominant physical monster and a great boxer. Amazing tactician and surreal power. One of a kind.

The heavyweight era of the 90's sure was fun.
Tyson was the glamour , Holyfield was the heart, Old Foreman was the storyline, Bowe was the flash, but LENNOX was the SOUL

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