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Default More and more fans are predicting Marquez to stop Pacquiao

More and more fans are predicting Marquez to stop Pacquiao. He's preparing himself for a loss by not taking JMM seriously, i.e postponing camp, not following Ariza's strength/conditioning and frankly, hes not hungry/doesnt look like he cares about the sport anymore. The only reason he took this fight is because it paid better than a Bradley rematch and he wouldnt challenge himself to go up to 150 to face Cotto in the first offer or 154 in the second offer. Im just not seeing the hunger and dedication like before.

On the other hand, JMM is training like a monster and doing all that he can to assure this fight doesnt go the distance and prove once and for all that he is a superior fighter. He's mentally and physically prepared for war. Pacquiao being more aggressive will not help him. Being aggressive against the more physically strong, superb-counter punching JMM will be like driving into a brick wall.

After rewatching how aggressive Marquez was in the 3rd fight, sitting down on all his perfectly placed shots, i dont see how a less serious version of Pac vs a more determined Marquez will get the nod. Pac will play right into the hands of JMM and lose an extremely one-sided fight, and possibly get dropped by a body shot, and finished in the process..

Below is a link to the ban bet for this fight. I dont expect the real Pac fans to grow a pair and show up and bet since JMM whooped pikachus ass 3x already. Good thing El Dinamita will drop Pac with a body shot and finish him by Rd 7.

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