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Default Re: Joan Guzman vs. Khabib Allakhverdiev RBR

Originally Posted by Atlanta View Post
So lets review this night shall we. We found a channel which literally would be in Undercover Brother as a tool of the man, and on that channel we watched the worst camera work ever done on a series of fights that were separated by 45 minutes worth of a advertisments and documentary footage about a ****ing promotional company. We had a child/midget lady sing the national anthem. We had the Russian National anthem swaped with Khabib's entrance music and none of the A/V asswipes even realized the problem. We then had washed up gangster rapper DMX rap Guzman's way to the ring using the only song anybody ever ****ing remembers from him which is about 10 years old now, and had to be pulled from the ring because he didn't know when to STFU. Also the CEO of Aquinity looks like a bald Tommy Vercetti. And the main event ended with Guzman losing after an hour of buildup by Aquinity.
And in the end the only one likable after that abomination of a show won his biggest fight to date... that's a positive to take away for me.
War Allakhverdiev!
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