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Default Re: David Price Vs Tony Thompson in February.

Originally Posted by Godsavethequeen View Post
I know it may be hard for people like you to use your single brain cell, but Price has How Many fights under his Belt??? Exactly 15..and you call him a can crusher!! Well I can think of several of them...Wilder 25 fights... Fury 19 figts... Helinus 18 Fights..
All the above are undefeated, yet the guy with the least fights you call a Can crusher?? the worst Can crusher ( as you say ) on the list is Wilder by FAR.. At least Fury is fighting a guy ranked 29 in the world. Price fighting a guy ranked 11th in the World..Yet Wilder is fighting a guy ranked 69th in the world having fought 9 times more than price and 6 more than Fury.. Your view is idiotic
Wow......Helenius fought 3 world champions inside his 16th fight. All of them under 35 years old.

He tears his shoulder BEFORE his fight with Chisora, GOES FORWARD WITH THE FIGHT, and somehow his name is included in the same sentence as the word can crusher.

WTF is that.
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