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Default Re: Pacquiao to get KOed Dec. 8th!!

Originally Posted by Primenal View Post
Your a pac supporter and yet... After 3 fights, where JMM couldn't knock Pac down even once (though he rocked him many times) you think JMM is going to KO him?
Also, your a Pac supporter, and a supporter means you beleive in your guy. Your given two stories... One says he's doing extremely well in training, and the other says he sucks bad. You support him so much that your betting on the bad story.

You sir are the true definition of a supporter! You are a Pac**** through and through. I need to pay you to follow me around and encourage me on a daily basis.
This Pac**** says Pacquiao is going down in round 9. Left the liver. Hey the chickens have come home to roost. Pac doesnt love boxing anymore, the fire is gone. It is over, it has been a helluva run.
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