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Default Re: Arum Says Ariza Worked For Memo, JMM's Strength Coach

Originally Posted by GabrielMontoya View Post
No. Conte and Heredia never worked together. They worked within the same sport community and knew the same people. But they were not working together. Conte does not endorse Heredia and is highly suspicious of him.
Conte is suspicious of everyone who declare themselves a S&C coach.

If for example a fight is made with a 4 month window of testing, Conte will say thats not Olympic style testing, that there's an 8 month window for the athlete to do PED's.
We know that Mr. Conte, but realize that in boxing, fighters dont get tested year round, any additional testing beyond the bogus day after the fight is a plus to further along cleaning up PED's in boxing.

Recent fighters that have been caught were because of tests well prior to the fight and not the test the day after.

A testing window of a month is better than a test the day after.
A testing window of 2 months is better than a test window of 1 month....
......and so on........

If Conte wants betterment for the sport, he has got to stop his *****ing of fighter having to be tested year round and work toward the next step ahead of the current testing which is to have a PED test right after the fight.

Conte is an attention ***** Montoya, you should include that in an article of yours!
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