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Default Re: Thoughts on Luke Rockhold

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
I recall Jacare clearly winning the first round, and hurting him enough in the second round to take it. Rockhold was throwing a lot, but landing little of significance. There must have been a third round I gave Jacare, too, but I don't recall which. I also didn't think that the Jacare/Kennedy fight was particularly close, and I thought it was ridiculous that Kennedy was somewhat protesting the decision.

That post probably did come across as more critical than I intended, though. I do think he is very good, but I don't see him being the next big thing. I'm not sure I'd pick him over a guy like Bisping at the moment.
Jacare clearly won the first round with clean right hands, but I wasn't impressed by anything he did afterward. I can't remember if I scored it 3-2 for Rockhold, or 4-1.

I didn't score the fight for Kennedy. I don't remember if my overall score for Jacare and Kennedy reflected a close fight, but I seem to recall every round being very close. I probably shouldn't use descriptions like "razor thin" to describe a fight with a clear winner, but it seems like Souza was just edging Kennedy out in those rounds. I may watch again to see if my memory is serving me correctly.
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