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Default Re: who wins cotto or trout and why????

Originally Posted by JMP View Post

Experience in big fights against top fighters, better timing, a proven wherewithal to deal with speedy-handed fighters, body attack, compact single punches and combinations upstairs and downstairs, and the ability to mix things up - be a bully when he needs to and make things rough (Quintana, Judah, select Mayweather rounds), box and control the angle and the action with his jab and footwork (Foreman, Margarito II, etc), and retreat when necessary (Margarito II, N'Dou, Clottey, etc). Better power and an ability to soften guys up for the kill, too.

I think he'll pull away after some well-fought and highly competitive opening rounds and wear Trout down. A late round stoppage is what I'm going with because of my Cotto-fanboyism, but if I'm putting money on it, I'd go with Cotto clearly on points. He made things rough for Mayweather, who is much better than Trout. And even though he lost, the fact that he was still able to bother Mayweather and compete technically even in rounds he was losing tells me he should be able to deal with Trout, who I don't really rate all that highly. I don't consider Trout to be a P4P-level talent and most definitely not a special fighter.
Agree with all of this. The stoppage probably depends on the amount of body work he'll be able to put in before the fight goes into the final rounds. Cotto's biggest issue is that he won't be able to use is jab to make his way inside. He uses pressure in the mold of a boxer-puncher, behind is jab, not a swarmer like Chavez or Duran who uses waist-movements and counters. Against a tall southpaw, it will be hard to get his jab going against Trout's longer jab, so all he has left is his right hand to lead with from the outside. But Cotto is so good at changing the range and moving laterally, that I suspect he'll start finding his way in and out easily while controlling the center. Trout is also going to try and control the center, he's alluded to doing things Floyd didn't, and that's likely one of them. But Cotto simply has more experience in that regard. The southpaw angles also worry me because Cotto seems to be bending his head past his leg like Steward was teaching him not to do, but then again, it's an appropriate type of crouch when on the inside. As long as Cotto keeps his guard mixed and stays upright enough, no sneaky southpaw uppercuts are going to catch him coming in. But I expect Trout to try different things behind his jab as Cotto comes in and have success in the early rounds. If Cotto can trick him into making him lead and step towards Trout's left while shooting the straight down the pipe, then I think he'll make Trout more hesitant to throw and open up avenues for Cotto to advance and find more angles for his head and body attack.
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