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Default Re: Arum turns down Schaefer's Offer for Donaire-Mares and Matthysse-Rios

Originally Posted by purephase View Post
Again you're placing too much significance on Floyd's bull**** offer, but to review from November of 2011, before said dumb offer was made:
Given that your position is that Floyd is completely bound to Golden Boy, any effort by Floyd and Golden Boy to cut Top Rank out of the negotiations is itself the taste of one's own medicine for this case, and we're left in a position where again, Top Rank initiated this particular brand of pettiness.

I can't believe I'm being dragged down the Pacweather rabbit hole of stupidity, but I suppose covering one's ears and yelling about Floyd is often the best way to try to justify Arum's statements and actions.
I'm not justifying his actions. I'm explaining where they started to a bunch of morons that come on here and openly state they wish he were dead and can't accept that GBP is equally to blame here. What you quoted in no way indicates Arum was the one trying to cut out GB. It simply says Floyd was seeing what kind of deal he might be able to make without them. In the end, Floyd has used GBP for all his recent fights and would have done so under his offer to Pac. Not seeing that Arum is simply now turning these same terms on GBP is just fanboyizm. Blame Arum but if you don't realize the 'counter offer' was meant as a deal killer, well, you just aren't paying attention. GB doesn't want Mares facing Donaire. Even this **** poor matchmakers know he has no chance.
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