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Default Re: Floyd or Duran - Most skilled?

Originally Posted by JMP View Post
I feel you.

It's weird. This place is like a home away from home - like an online/e-home. Everybody has a love for boxing and you can engage in discussion about current and past fights and fighters. You just can't do that in real life, or at least I can't. My closest friends know Pacquiao, Marquez, Mayweather, and Cotto, which is about 2-4 more fighters than the majority of the people I associate with can name.

...don't outright quit, though. **** that.
95% of the people I've talked to on here about that have the same problem with their friends, and it's the exact situation for me. It's pretty miserable to be utterly strung up into this boxing **** - hopelessly - with so few humans to interact with about it outside of this place. I've managed to get one of them to become interested, but I pretty much tend to make it the dominant topic, especially the more intoxicated I get. It's very one-sided. I've given away all kinds of books and dvd's, trying to get him on this ****.

I wouldn't quit outright, but it's already December and I'm supposed to be bulking this winter. This place isn't helping me focus on that.
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