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Default Re: Featured Fight : Cotto (15) vs Trout (2) : Whats your prediction?

As my post count goes down and I'm trying to commit to less time straining my eyes here (failing half the time, as I keep refreshing the pages, obsessively when I'm not concentrating on restraint), I've adopted a special IBRBR reading technique, for fights that I want to know what happened, but not that badly. It's a special kind of skimming in which I pretty much just read how he scored the round and whatever he capitalised. Unfortunately, if it's a boring fight and there's nothing exciting to capitalise, like "MACGRUBER LANDS AN ENORMOUS LEFT HOOK AND CORNGOOD IS DOWN!" I end up having absolutely no idea what happened, despite my attempt to catch up, save my eyes randomly picking up obscure references and highfaluting words my brain alerts me to being out of place, here.
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