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Default Re: Boxing Scoring FAQ and Discussion

Originally Posted by keith View Post
Very well done except for the knockdowns part. There is no rule that states you HAVE to award a fighter a 10-8 round for scoring a knockdown. In fact it is quite possible to LOSE a round while scoring a knockdown. (See holyfield-Moorer). If fighter A outlands fighter B 30-5 in the round and suffers a a flash knockdown it would be RIDICULOUS to score the round 10-8 for fighter B.

Absolutely agreed. Another example would be Calvin Brock vs. Jameel McCline... I think round 5, Brock battered McCline around the ring and got knocked down hard. Got back up and continued the battering. 10-9 round for McCline.

I assume you are talking about Holyfield - Moorer I, where Moorer was down in the 2nd? IMHO that round was 10-8 for Holyfield.
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