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Default Re: Arum turns down Schaefer's Offer for Donaire-Mares and Matthysse-Rios

Originally Posted by MexicanMuscle View Post
He's said many similar comments before as well. Arum acts like a total diva. This isn't the first time he's shot down propositions from GB. He is just a stubborn, greedy piece of ****, that is ****ing up good fights.
exactly man. Arum just straight up will not work with Oscar. Has nothing to do with the offer Oscar made or anything

Originally Posted by dodong View Post
you can't really blame him for that reason then, but oscar's offer itself is an insult.

how could you and oscar even think that tr would give up their promotional rights on a fighter who's going to be the draw for that fight??
are you serious?
Arum's initial offer was a damn insult. He told Oscar to **** off and leave while he takes his fighter for himself.

Arum has made two statements about Mares vs Donaire:

First one: Mares can fight Donaire after his contract runs out with GBP

Second one: Mares can fight Donaire, but I have to pay Mares myself and GBP can't be involved

But you think GBP is trying to insult Arum?
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