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Default Re: Who has been Pacquiao's most "Prime" opponent?

Originally Posted by JMP View Post
I'm seeing what you're saying, but Cotto's technical and skill issues were also clear in the fight before Pacquiao against Joshua Clottey when Clueless Joe took over. I'd say he looked even worse there. I've never seen him so squared up and hunched so far forwards with so much weight on his front foot. It totally ****ed his balance and ability to maintain it while throwing punches. Not only that, but the punches and combinations themselves looked to be much slower and far from sharp.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'd say that was the worst Cotto I've seen since he was badly drained at 140. He looked a bit more conditioned, quicker, and snappy against Manny later that year. He definitely got up for Manny, despite not having a grade-A team to supplement it.

here is the round 1 of that fight. when all is still ok and cotto was not yet knocked-downed. please watch the fight and cotto actually did well. bouncing around, leading great with his fast and snappy jabs and backing off just right when pac counters. he also xonnected a couple of good body shots and some left hooks. the first time i watched it, it seems an even round but now, it's a clear cotto round.

cotto did well in this one boxing with his skills. of course pac is visibly faster but he negated it with excellent movement.
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