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Default Re: More and more fans are predicting Marquez to stop Pacquiao

My, My My....How things have changed. I remember how everyone thought that Pacquiao has gotten so much better and is/was a more of a "complete" fighter and that he would just blow right through JMM in their 3rd fight. Fast-forward 2 robberies later and the consenus is that JMM will win. Have we all forgot that this is a "BOB ARUM PRODUCTION". As I predicted last time....JMM will win the fight, Pacquiao will win the decision.

And if Pacquiao does win soundly....I hope the forum does not explode with threads about how Pacquiao just prooved that he is #1 P4P. Fighting a man for the 4th time in a fight no-one wanted to see and finally beating a 40 year old JMM convincingly is not Top P4P material. At least Pacquiao is Part of the 40/40 club....40 year old Mosley and 40 year old JMM. Throw in an Washed up Oscar and what do you ATG? SMH. I am so glad Hatton lost. Cuz' it would have been Hatton vs Pac in the new outiside arena Arum has been working on since May 5th, 2012. Is that finished yet?

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