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Default Re: Whos the number one fighter toe to toe? Just power and chin?

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
honestly, you pit those two toe to toe: foreman vs sullivan and who comes out on top?
What advantage does a supposedly prime Foreman carry?

Height and reach? Yes. Speed? No. Ferocity? I doubt it. Power? Debatable.

Sullivan certainly tamed his era much more thoroughly and emphatically than did Foreman. Sullivan was also not a small man, a shade under 6 foot and around 200 pounds when trained hard. Speed and finesse he was noted for when Foreman was only noted for power.

Look at Foreman's record, pre-Frazier, a goddamned list of tomato cans as long as your arm. He defended twice including once against some member of royalty named Roman, and then faded into Bolivian. That is the legacy of prime Foreman. Do you really want to compare that to how Sullivan owned the world of pugilism?
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