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Default Re: More and more fans are predicting Marquez to stop Pacquiao

Originally Posted by boyschoir View Post
Post fight commentary of PAC-JMM 3:

Lampley: "Emmanuel, why is it that JMM has played it conservatively in the last rounds of the fight where if he could have pushed further, he had a really good chance to win the fight unanimously?"

E. Steward: "In a fight like this, you never...never tell your fighter that you're winning the fight. At this high profile fight, you don't win a championship, you take it! If there is someone to blame for the lost, it's JMM's corner!"

So, that being said, does you opinion, Genaro G, hold water better than the late Emmanuel Steward?
You must have missed the hbo drone comment i made. Only a damn fool like urself would buy that **** they were saying. I can give a **** less about what some guys who work for hbo say. Then again talking to u is like talking to my 5yr old niece. You simply rinse and repeat. Also Nacho instructed Marquez to explode on Pacquiao, not to play it safe. Thanks for trying little girl, i know yall must be scared ****less after the ass-whoopings pac has taken in his last couple of fights
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