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Default Re: More and more fans are predicting Marquez to stop Pacquiao

Originally Posted by Genaro G View Post
You must have missed the hbo drone comment i made. Only a damn fool like urself would buy that **** they were saying. I can give a **** less about what some guys who work for hbo say. Then again talking to u is like talking to my 5yr old niece. You simply rinse and repeat. Also Nacho instructed Marquez to explode on Pacquiao, not to play it safe. Thanks for trying little girl, i know yall must be scared ****less after the ass-whoopings pac has taken in his last couple of fights

hbo drone comment?

so, with your extensive knowledge about the sport, what makes your opinion better than Steward's?

JMM provided 3 blueprints to beat Pac, where is Floyd by the way?
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