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Default Re: Who has been Pacquiao's most "Prime" opponent?

Originally Posted by puga_ni_nana View Post

here is the round 1 of that fight. when all is still ok and cotto was not yet knocked-downed. please watch the fight and cotto actually did well. bouncing around, leading great with his fast and snappy jabs and backing off just right when pac counters. he also xonnected a couple of good body shots and some left hooks. the first time i watched it, it seems an even round but now, it's a clear cotto round.

cotto did well in this one boxing with his skills. of course pac is visibly faster but he negated it with excellent movement.
Yeah, Cotto had pockets of success against Pacquiao, no doubt. He started off trying to get the jab going and trying to respond to every Pacquiao combination. Managed to get in clean work with Pacquiao on the ropes and when he found himself on the ropes on a couple occasions. Problem was that Pacquiao's timing was otherworldly in that fight. He had a perfect read on when Cotto was advancing with the jab and quickly shifted to his right and beat him to the punch with straight left hands. The second round was when I thought to myself that it was only a matter of time before Pacquiao starts to do some serious damange to Cotto. I like to look at that fight as more Pacquiao taking away Cotto's strengths with his own overwhelming ones more so than Cotto not being 100% prepared and not fighting the "correct" fight. Anything he tried to do on that night, I'd fully expect Pacquiao to have his number. Even if he tried to be in full retreat mode earlier, I think Pacquiao would've stepped on the gas harder and gotten to him if he felt he was in danger of losing the fight.

A rematch could be intriguing if both manage to look good in their next fights.
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