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Default Re: Pac teaching Marquez ...

Originally Posted by rodney View Post
You were just watching PAC. I watched the fight 3 times. Bradley took control. Made PAC miss over & over. PAC gases out. PAC just plain sucked.
The whole HBO crew had Pac winning easily... 98% of the ringside experts had Pac winning.. 95% of the fans had Manny winning.. Gambling sites that offered live betting had Manny a 50-1 favorite going into the 12th round. Manny landed the harder shots and landed more shots..

You had Bradley winning? Only people that wanted to see Pac lose had Bradley winning. The mind is very strong and it seems your hate for Pac made you see things that in reality didn't occur. Nice try you delusional *****... Watch it another 10 times and you might see Bradley win by KO.. You loopy *******..
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