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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by assasin View Post
i can't believe i'm doing this, but... tyson bit a chunk out of lewis' leg in all that hustle and bustle. it wasn't staged in the slightest.
We both enjoy debating on here mate, so why don't we stop the name calling and all the insults, and enjoy the forum for what it is?

I apologise for the things I said in the previous threads.

Regarding this topic, you're right of course about what happened with Lewis's leg.

But I've seen the video numerous times, and it doesn't make sense.

Maybe Mike missed on purpose, but knew it would start a riot? I don't know. But we're talking about Mike Tyson here. A guy fighting for the heavyweight titles. I know he was shot at this stage but come on. Mike used to switch and he could fight southpaw. How far was that guy stood away from him?

He didn't graze him even, he completely missed.

Was he drunk?

Although we don't agree on things, you know a lot about boxing.

Just go and watch the video a few more times, and then get back to me, and give me your honest opinion.

I just can't believe that he could have missed from that distance.

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