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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by assasin View Post
stupid talk from you yet again... he cherry picked ruiz! he did the same to toney as he knew he was having huge problems with discipline and weight making. it was a big fight, but still a cherry pick on jones' part.

he knew what he was doing regarding the toney fight. i remember the build up to that fight.
He didn't cherry pick Ruiz, it just looks that way because he only fought Ruiz at heavy, and then came back for Tarver. But there was a lot more to it than that.

According to Roy, he had talks with Evander Holyfield and his team late 2001, just prior to Evander's final bout with John Ruiz. Apparently, pretty much everything had been agreed on, but Ruiz ended up beating Holy again.

After the fight, Roy was asked if he still wanted the fight, and according to Roy, he turned it down, because he didn't think he'd get any credit for it. So he decided to stay at 175 for a little while longer. He fought Kelly, couldn't get the rematch with Hop, and then he fought Woods. Around the time he was preparing for Woods, his promoter Murad Muhammad was making enquiries into a Ruiz fight. Roy told Murad to try and make the fight, because he'd beaten Evander, and he thought he himself would get more credit if he beat Ruiz, rather than Evander at that point.

It was never Roy's intention to just fight the one fight at heavy. After he'd beaten Ruiz, Murad tried to get him Tyson and Lewis, because before his fight with Vitali, Lewis seemed more than up for the fight. He saw it as an easy nights work for huge money. But after Vitali, he knew he'd got nothing left to give. Lennox and Manny never knew the Vitali fight would be his last. It was never planned as his last fight. But his performance against Vitali shocked him, and he knew it was time to let go.

Regarding Tyson, Roy was desperate for that fight! It would have been one of the biggest fights ever, even though Mike was shot at that stage. But Murad couldn't make the fight for various reasons. Roy's trainer Alton Merkerson, says that Roy left his Ruiz weight on for a while, in the hope of getting the Tyson fight. When it became apparent that he wasn't going to get it, he had to lose all of the weight for Tarver. Because throughout most of 2003, while Murad was trying to make big fights at heavy, Tarver was constantly baiting Roy at every given opportunity, and in the end, with his options limited, he gave in.

If you watch Roy's post fight interview after Tarver, he was even considering going back up to heavy for Tyson.

If you want more information on this, Alton Merkerson discusses Roy's "Tyson's weight" on the documentary titled Heart of a Champion, that's on YouTube.

If you want more info on how Murad Muhammad tried to make the other fights at heavy, you can see the interviews that he gave to with Percy "No Mercy" Crawford about two years ago. You can simply type the info into google, and you'll see the links.

With regards to Toney, Roy was a big underdog going into that fight. Toney always had weight problems, and nobody made him sign for the fight, for the date that had been set.

Why did he sign the contract, if he knew he'd have trouble making the weight?

What was he doing in that condition in the first place, when he knew he was fighting Roy?

According to his manager at the time, Jackie Kallen, Toney felt great, and he thought he was going to win. Then after the fight, he complained of making the weight, and that he'd had flu. He then blamed the loss and everything on her, and shortly after, he went bezerk! He flew into a rage, and threatened to drive round to her house to shoot her, and all of her family!

All of this information, is in the book The Dark Trade.

In the post fight interview after the fight with Roy, the biggest mouth in boxing, congratulated Roy, and said he was moving up to 175. He never MENTIONED ANYTHING about a rematch. He knew he'd been beaten by the better man.


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