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Default Re: Flintoff weigh-in for 4 x 2 min round bout

Originally Posted by bruiserh View Post
I got through a couple of rounds to the knockdown of Freddie....What can you say. It is what it is. If Freddie keeps trying then good on him. I prefer this to part time boxers.

I don't know that you've made any revelations by saying you've seen better amateurs. I would expect that.

I will say though, that those open paw punches from Freddie wouldn't have had any weight behind them (not dangerous) and could do him more damage than anything.
True. It was Flintoff's first fight of any kind, and with a very limited preparation. Most guys have a year or two of training behind them before venturing into the ring.

Flintoff threw mainly arm punches. Particularly with his right, but that's about what I expected.

Dawson was specifically chosen because they thought Flintoff with zero experience, could beat him, and that's how it panned out.
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