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Default Re: Who has been Pacquiao's most "Prime" opponent?

Originally Posted by r1p00pk View Post
course not, his physical peak ended as well as his mentality as an undefeated fighter is gone. But this version is better than the cotto that fought pacquiao. At least he had a trainer, better mentality than when he fought pac.

you can't be serious this is honestly just to say that pacquiao defeated the better cotto than mayweather. The truth is both guys never beat him at his prime but the conditions were much better for cotto at 154 when he fought floyd.

His physical prime was before the margarito fight, from the start of his welterweight reign to margarito. While he was at his best against margarito

That is bull****. Cotto wasnt "damaged" and then "undamaged". How convenient for people, Cotto was prime pre-Pac, not prime during-pac, prime again post-pac. wtf is wrong with you people?

When Cotto lost to Margarito, I said straight away he beats Margarito in a rematch. He fought the wrong fight, no clinch, didnt move around, traded too much and possibly fought a guy with bricks in his hands. Everyone jumped off the Cotto bandwagon, even going as far as to saying Foreman beats him. I called that he would beat Foreman easy, different class, lo and behold. Then he goes on to beat Mayorga, a non-bricked Margarito who was definitely damaged by Pac (the eye) and suddenly he's better again? I called that Cotto would give Floyd a tough fight straight after he got demolished by pac, most would disagree, and look what happens.

This is what I mean about fickle fans. No foresight, they just go with whats in at that moment. Oh that fighter lost, his past it, oh that fighter won, he's prime again. How about ****ysing the whole situation. You could tell what kind of state Cotto was in way back. He employed a different tactic to beating Margarito, one he should have used first fight and of course he got a helping hand from the damage Margarito took. Foreman and Mayorga he would have always beaten at any stage of his career. And he would have given Floyd that same trouble at any stage of his career.

Styles makes fights. If you're there to get hit against Pac, you're going down. Mosley has an iron chin, the mofo got dropped hard and ran the whole fight. Now Cotto didnt exactly have the best defense in the world, you really, genuinely think that the "prime" Cotto who got cornered and bullied by Margarito and hit easily would have done any better against Pac? If anything he may have done worse, at least he fought more safety first after the Margarito fight thus maybe saving him from further damage against Pac. Styles makes fights and Cotto never had the chin to withstand Pac's punches nor the defense to avoid them.

Everyone brings up "mental issues", what possible mental issues could Cotto have had that would have caused negative effects in the Pacquiao fight? More safety first? LOL. Cotto with a war cap on confident he could trade would have been worse. Jump on the "mental problems" bandwagon, acting like your a psychologist for athletes.
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