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Default Re: Who has been Pacquiao's most "Prime" opponent?

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
How can anyone vote for Margo?

Mab was just about prime though coming off a gift over Morales.

Jmm, Bradley, Hatton, cotto, clottey, Diaz, ledwaba were all prime fighters.

I scored all 3 fights to jmm though and I make him a favourite to take this one. Pacs own prime probably ended with clottey so I'd say him and jmm are equally post prime.

His slip has been quite dramatic, he's still one of the best p4p but just a couple of year ago he was seen as a buzzsaw like wrecking machine. Shame him and Floyd didn't fight after Pac beat clottey and Floyd beat shane, that would have been perfect.
It doesn't matter if Hatton and Diaz were primes.
They won't matter, they won't do any different to Pac even in the best night of their lives.
So lol for the 2.

Bradley, I think, is still rising. At least physically, not sure mentally.
I do agree though that Pac did end his prime after Clottey fight.
Did you also find out the difference there?
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