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Default Re: David Price Vs Tony Thompson in February.

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
You're trollin me. All i did was ask you who Thompson ever beat and this is how you behave? Child.
This is y'all beef, but Im a Thompson fan and you and Danebrogen are horribly underrating his LOC, his achievements in the HW division, and by doing so, you are also downgrading a good fight between a top 30 prospect and a top 30 veteran.

Thomspons last solid win was Harris. Who incidentally just schooled Edmund Gerber, winning 6 of 8 rounds. TTs wins over Marinaccio and Beck are record padders for sure, but they're not cans. Solid journeymen, and if TT was too far gone, he'd have lost one or both of these fights. Chazz Witherspoon was very nearly the guy to expose Mitchell. Had he won that fight, he'd been generally considered a top 30 himself. Like Harris, Witherspoon beats journeymen, and is a live dog to pull an upset on a prospect or a past it world level contender.
Thomspons rise to the top 10 began when he FINALLY got a step up fight vs serial can crusher, Vaughn Bean. A guy who had gotten 2 high profile title shots vs Holy and Moorer just a couple yrs prior. Had Bean beaten Thompson, he would have likely gotten a third shot as well.
Thompson took that win and refused to be swept aside. The Bean fight was supposed to be a coming out party, but instead it made him a thread to up n comers and protected HWs. He finally got another fight a yr later, but it would be nearly two yrs before he was allowed to step into the ring with another top 30 HW. This time, he fought a prime IRON CHIN, Dominic Guinn. He dominated Guinn like few others, and walked away with a WBC national title for his efforts.
He could have defended that title vs a no hoper like Beck or like Polley or Shepherd. Hell, Jason Gavern or Corey Sanders woulda been decent defenses, but instead, he chose to defend it vs top prospect, Timur Ibragimov. He routed Tiggy similarly to the way he routed Guinn. Good jab, solid and powerful L hand to keep em honest, and a R hook that would see both ironchinned fringe contenders defending their iron chinned reputations.

That win over Tiggy placed Thompson solidly into the top 20 and he would get his title shot when he dropped the national title and chose to fight for the WBO eliminator vs top contender, Luan Krasniqi. Krasniqi was no slouch. A great resume himself, he was dominating Lamon Brewster in his firs title bid. Nearly shutting the titlist out before succumbing to what is generally believed to be the best L hook since Joe Frazier. Krasniqi was determined to get his shot at another title, but Thomspon stood in his way. From bell to bell, for 5 rds, Thompson blistered Krasniqi with peppering jabs and laser guided Ls. He pounded him into submission and stopped him. Thomspon essentially ended Krasniqis career.

Ppl who dislike the K2, or are generally haterz, will look for holes in any resume. If it aint their favorite fighters, the other guys just flat out suck. But anyone who KSAB, knows that a guy like Thompson is a genuine contender. It took him too long to get proper representation in the sport, but once he did, he rose to the top. Here he is, 41 y/o, and past his best, but he's a coy fighter, with excellent power, a sturdy beard, and skills. A heart like few others, and a determination to be envied.

I voted Thompson by T/KO in poll. Not b/c I hate Price, but b/c I don't believe Thomspon is shot. He hasnt taken too much punishment. His chin is as sturdy as it needs to be, and he's got power and talent that none of Prices previous opponents had.
I'll admit, that TT looked slower last time out vs Wlad. It was a massacre really, but Price aint Wlad, and while Price SHOULD win this fight, I'm sticking with Thomspon to pull the upset. A rematch would give Thompson a final payday, Price his revenge, and cement both fighters as top contenders for their prospective eras.
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