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Default Re: Would moving up to SMW help or hurt Chavez Jr?

Originally Posted by WatchfortheHook View Post
For those that are very confident in Chavez Jr. at 168...why are you confident? I don't mean that condescendingly.\, I just want to understand the overall logic.

The problem I have with placing Chavez Jr at 168 is that he didn't exactly rack up a great "average" on his resume at MW. During his tour de force his best opponents were: Sebastian Zbik,Marco Antonio Rubio, Peter Manfredo Jr., Andy Lee, and then Sergio Martinez.

So he basically beat up on gatekeepers(and he didn't totally beat up on all of them, hard fought decision against Zbik) and was totally outclassed by the elite of the division.

However, what bothers me most about his chances at 168, is that I always was under the impression that he relied on his size too much at MW and that his style might not translate up to 168. Mainly I'm thinking about fights he tried to just walk through the front door of his opponent without at least showing a jab (Rubio, a lot against Lee which awkward at times, Martinez, etc). Most good pressure fighters don't just walk in, they'll stick out the jab. I think that style will cause him problems against even the lower side of the SMW top 10 (in particular against Pavlik).

But I'm hardly a boxing expert, so I want your insight on why you have confidence that he'll do well at 168.
He's cutting too much weight at MW. His power would be better at SMW, as would his punch resistance and speed.
He wins his fights by attacking the body. In his lone loss, he abandoned his body attack and went head hunting when Sergio pulled ahead on the cards.

Styles make fights, and Sergio is a styles nightmare for a come forward fighter like JR. I picked JR to KO him, but I underestimated Sergios resolve to maintain the workrate like he did.

At SMW, Chavez JR would hold his own with ALL the top 10 guys. I think only Froch, and "MAYBE" Bute would beat him convincingly. JR hasnt fought anyone with Froch's power or Bute body attack.

JR would literally murder Ward. Ward fights an excellent inside game by slipping power shots to the head. JR beats guys to the body. JR is all wrong for Ward, and SOB better stay far far away from him.
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