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Default Re: Oscar De la Hoya vs Thomas Hearns, 147, somebody gets KO'd, or decision?

Originally Posted by Jai C View Post
Holyfield, Morrison. Foot movement is more effective than head movement depending on the opposition. If you're walking forward or standing still with head movement, it can become predictable. Lateral movement along with head movement can be more confusing for a flat footed hard puncher. Many times Frazier slipped right into shots. Not just in the Foreman fight.

I think Frazier's defense tends to get underrated or overrated from my own biased review of what I hear around me. However, I do think many can agree that Frazier's defense wasted a lot of energy, was not efficient, and seemed erratic and with many holes. It wasn't just missing something, it was missing a lot of things. Amongst them is the fluidity you saw with Mike Tyson's precise, terrifying, and yet guarded aggression.

Defense and offense was much better melded with one another from Tyson than Frazier, largely in part due to his fluidity, more movement variation and (in my opinion) greater punch variation than Frazier.
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