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Default Re: Super Recovery Techniques

Try it, it works. However, as a coach, you will need to drop everyone for push-ups the first few times. When you first do it, people will snicker and crack jokes, etc. A natural reaction to diffuse the inevitable tension. So the first time someone laughs or something, you drop everyone down for push-ups and explain why... then have them come up and do it again - they always then take it serious. The results are instant, test it out. Do the usual 30 second rest but holding the staredown the whole time. Let me know how it goes.

And the way I preframe them is something like this... "If you can't staredown your training parter here, how are you going to react when opposite of a champion that wants to tear your head off? Are you going to crack jokes?" and that usually gets them into the right mindset.
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