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Default Re: Marquez plans to ask for olympic drug testing at final press conference

Originally Posted by saul_ir34 View Post
You guys are missing the most obvious evidence of all roid users.

Your head gets huge after you use just like Pacs and Mosleys did.

JMMs head is still the same so he is 100% not using.

See how idiotic that sounds? Pac****s. Good thing there is only a few years of them left.
Sorry but this is misinformation, which is typical in fans, media and the general public. Nothing to get bent about, it's common generalization. However, steroid use does not increase head size. Period. That is NOT an accurate way to determine steroid use. HGH use on the other hand......can cause acromegaly, which could cause skull expansion and facial feature changes, usually around the jaw. You can link those noted changes to HGH use, in all likelihood.
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