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Default Re: I don't get it, why did Lewis promise a rematch and then retire? WHY?

Originally Posted by Cael View Post
Thats what Lennox and some ppl. like to believe.

Dont give us that bull**** that there was nothing else to prove.

Everybody in the boxing world was screaming for the rematch, fans(not bri****s), boxing experts, writers,promoters, commentators;they all felt that the result didnt reflect the fight...and thats why the huge demand of the rematch.

As a great champion as he was, Lennox left the sport with his tail tucked between his legs...and thats mainly because of his actions and declarations AFTER the fight.

He talked big, saying that he will hurt Vitali badly in the rematch, and the 30mil (fight purse) would be the easiest money earned in his career///but when it came the time to sign the papers he ran into retirement.

Well so what he won against him. He came on strong and tore his face up with sixty stiches and made him unable to continue due to a landed punch.

He did all that at HIS WORST. Now move along.
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