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Default Re: What was your personal score card for Mayweather/Cotto?

116-112 Mayweather

I'd really not mind a rematch at all if Mayweather doesn't get a "bigger" name (literally or figuratively...meaning Maravilla or Pacquiao...or maybe to an extent Canelo, since that might actually be a "bigger" event than a Cotto rematch in financial terms - especially if it's on Cinco de Mayo in Mexico or a locale with a large Mexican-American base) and assuming Cotto beats Trout.

It was the most fun I've had watching Mayweather in years. (and that includes him knocking the senses out of that punk Ortiz, and surviving Mosley's last best shot to dissect him like a sheep's heart in 6th grade science class the rest of the way...certainly more fun than watching him bully my boy Marquez all puffed up and useless )
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