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Default Re: What was your personal score card for Mayweather/Cotto?

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
I agree, he's a stylistic nightmare for JMM no matter what. But the fact is, he did lose patience, got overly aggressive, and got picked off easily. As for any counterpuncher, patience and fainting, goading your opponent into attacking is essential, and he basically abandoned that during the fight. Granted, Mayweather is more intelligent than most, and it's hard to execute any form of cohesive gameplan against him, but I feel had JMM been more patient, he could have had a little more success. Add to that the fact that he's grown into the weight, and certainly regained the speed and reflexes that weren't there in the Mayweather fight, I think it's pretty clear he could do better. Win? No. Probably get within 4 rounds at best, but he could do far better than the shutout he suffered, no doubt.
If Marquez waits for Floyd he gets picked apart by Floyds jab. He has to attack. He's not gonna feint Mayweather into getting countered.

And really this aspect gets overrated. Marquez is at his best against Pacquiao when he gets off first. Its not so much about Marquez countering Pacquiaos punches infact when Marquez tries to counter Pac he usually lands but Pacquiao comes back with somehing that usually hurts Marquez.

Marquez is great at attacking Pacquaio when Pacquiao is out of position. Problem with Floyd he doesn't make those same mistakes Pacquaio does. So there is really nothing to counter
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