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Default Re: What was your personal score card for Mayweather/Cotto?

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
I agree, he's a stylistic nightmare for JMM no matter what. But the fact is, he did lose patience, got overly aggressive, and got picked off easily. As for any counterpuncher, patience and fainting, goading your opponent into attacking is essential, and he basically abandoned that during the fight. Granted, Mayweather is more intelligent than most, and it's hard to execute any form of cohesive gameplan against him, but I feel had JMM been more patient, he could have had a little more success. Add to that the fact that he's grown into the weight, and certainly regained the speed and reflexes that weren't there in the Mayweather fight, I think it's pretty clear he could do better. Win? No. Probably get within 4 rounds at best, but he could do far better than the shutout he suffered, no doubt.
Marquez impatient vs Mayweather?

Under the circumstances what would you have instructed Marquez to do?
Stand center ring and wait for Mayweather to lead?

Marquez did that, but its one and out for Mayweather, the defensive arm extended, and the much shorter Marquez cant get within a foot of him.

Patience is not something that will work with a fighter of Mayweather's caliber and defensive safety first style. If you're shorter and slower you're not going to compete with Mayweather being patient.

Marquez kept getting hit with the jab and some followup. You sensed that during that time of success for Mayweather in which he was landing clean and effective, Marquez was chomping at the bit wanting Mayweather to get greedy and shoot for more. At one point in the fight where Mayweather was landing clean, Marquez signaled to Mayweather to bring it on, and Mayweather just smiled at his face as if to signal, "absolutely not, I know your game and I'm not going to give you the chance to implement it."
Marquez at center ring kept trying to bait Mayweather but in the absence of Mayweather not commiting to combinations, there was nothing really Marquez could do in the face of his opponent being quicker and faster on the trigger, Mayweather rarely throwing more than a one-two, and Marquez never having the chance to time and counter Mayweather off of thowing combinations.

A fighter of Marquez' size and speed only avenue against a non aggressive Mayweather is to get on the inside to roughouse.
Roughhouse with what? Marquez was to small to become the bully.

Patience is something I'd preach to a bigger longer fighter to keep in mind vs Mayweather, but not a shorter stockier fighter like Marquez.

At no point in the fight did Marquez become impatient vs Mayweather, he tried both leading, roughhousing, and his natural stayback and counterpunch mode. Mayweather was to quick, fast, strong, and young.
The notion that Mayweather outskilled Marquez is ridiculous.
You can have all the mental skill in the world, if you walk into a gunfight with a handgun and the other guy is carring an ooziie, you in trouble!
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