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Default Re: The odds for Price vs Fury have now shortened with bookies

Originally Posted by ****Bandit View Post
Skelton is 45 years old.

What are you basing nobody beats Price but a pressure fighter on, hes really demonstrated that by taking out Harrisson and ***ton. Two elite fighters right there. Chisora beats Price imo.

Your overwhelmed by bias mate, Price has done nothing to assume he is unbeatable by anyone but a Klit, both Fury and Chisora are way more proven atm. If they beat hium you'll be changing your tune to how Price was unproven and overrated.

Fact is is if he was elite a 45yo Skelton shouldn't have troubled him atall, not that he did much, but he still did a little. A good win but Skelton is ancient and massively shot. Ten years ago that would probably have been a very different fight.

By all accounts Skelton is actually 48 and 49 within a month (born in January)

There is surely no smoke without fire here - no other boxers have 'dubious' ages that I am aware of.

Getting tagged repeatedly by a shot, domestic level guy just a year shy of 50 years old is not good news at all. I didn't expect it at all and I don't think anyone else did.
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