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Default Re: Eubank Jnr vs James Degale who wins end of 2013?

Eubank JR....although the fight wont happen when they are both owned by Hennessey. Its to dangerous a fight for the loser.

DeGale has had more experience with tougher opponents, although neither have fought anywhere near world class.

Eubank is still learning and he f*cks about to much, but there are some positives, when he wants to defend and use his shoulder, he can, but his fighting seems erratic and not very consistent, and if he doesnt get out of that habit, he will get tagged sooner or later.

DeGale is talented also, but its much the same, he fights fights way to hard, neither need to fight the way they do, they make it harder for themselves doing it and eventually it will backfire.

I think the winner will be the one who irons out those habits the most, and out of the two I think Eubank is more likely to do so, doesnt mean its gonna happen though.

Eubank has the right advice and head on his shoulders, but even he is crossing over to the dark side and starting to get ****y. It will bite him back one day, its a shame really, because he hasnt always been like it, its almost like he is doing it to find some identity, but he is making mistakes that he can avoid, and leaving gaps he doesnt need to leave.

Both DeGale and Eubank are talented, but they dont fight the way they can, they fight stupidly and it will cost them both if they dont change.

Its crazy to even be talking about this, because they can go as far as they want to, but they wont, because they are concentrating to much on the image, and not concentrating on fighting to the level they can do, IF they put their minds to it and dedicated themselves like Broner and Mayweather for instance.
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