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Default Re: That old cliché that fans from a certain neck of the woods 'know their boxing'

Funny you made this thread Dunks, Watched the fight with my dad tonight he kept going ''*****s in the crowd moaning, ain't got a clue''.

We got talking about Belfast being one of fight towns where fans really know there thing like commentators always say and he went ''that was 25 years ago, now it's same as being in York Hall young lads rushing into toilets to shove **** up there noses''. It's a new era and times change, Belfast has it's great fans like any other city but you also get the ******s like tonight in every town and city. It's like when i went Mitchell vs Katsidis in the famed East End. The *******s spouted around me was irritating to say the least people talking utter ****e all night about fighters and the fights.

I'm waiting for a show in say like DeGale in Hull next week ''This crowd waiting for the action to pick up, they don't get much big shows up here. They've probably never heard of DeGale and Zuniga. Must be like a African tribe meeting the white man for the first time. Compelling viewing..''.
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