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Default Re: That old cliché that fans from a certain neck of the woods 'know their boxing'

Originally Posted by icemax View Post
That actually makes no sense. Regardless of where a fighter is from or where he is fighting, the art from a fans point of view, would and should be appreciated. I ****ing loath and detest the idiots who boo anyone in a fight situation.
The guy is actually quite correct in what hes saying.

The ones who go to watch Fury and Rogan are,in general, ****wits who wouldnt know a left hook from a fishing hook. Most wouldnt have a clue about the fight game. The same people expect a big KO everytime and show their frustration quite early. Wait and see the trouble if and when Fury gets KO'd

Ive been going to the fights in belfast since i was a kid and i never seen the opposing fighter gettin booed. If a fighter came over and had a go, or was trying, he always got the respect of the crowd. You go youtube any McGuigan fights (for example) and you'll see booing was pretty much non existant. The honest reason why you dont see these good crowds at the fights now is because, quite simply, people know they're gettin took on. They know they're not gonna see a 'live' opponent or a genuine s****. Look at the prices for the Fury fight. £130 ringside???????? .Whos fighting? Ali and Joe Louis???? What mug would pay that?

I suppose my point is this. The Belfast boxing crowd know a good fighter when they see one (like most places) but they can smell a chancer a mile away. Obviously theres still a few good decent boxing people who go to the fights now but they would be in the minority, surrounded by ****in ****heads, whereas in the past they would have been in the majority. The good, knowledgeable fans are still here, they just dont go to watch drivel anymore

EDIT. cant believe im agreeing with a guy called ****bandit (no savile)

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