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Default Re: Featured Fight : Cotto (18) vs Trout (3) : Whats your prediction?

Originally Posted by BeastsideBoxing View Post
I'm watching an Ali documentary on History channel, where he wears a mustache.

"Now ya'll can call me Dark Gable."

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Lead us not into temptation!
I almost switched too.

Originally Posted by J Griz 757 View Post
This reply has nothing to do with your post BE (although I agree with it)

****in current avy almost made me **** myself this morning

(I actually look up to N.Tyson, as I'm majoring in physics so that meme alone is funny to me)
Good on you, Grizzles. Yeah, BigBone made the Valuevian version, although I added the obligatory afro. Even though I knew Tyson, when I saw the original meme, I didn't realise it was meant to be him. I didn't connect the dots at all, until I was watching that very interview quite a while later, where he speaks of Newton the same way Bert Sugar talks about Jack Dempsey. Then he did the face and it clicked immediately and I exclaimed "Oh!" to my dog, who wasn't impressed by any of it.
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