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Default Re: Oscar De la Hoya vs Thomas Hearns, 147, somebody gets KO'd, or decision?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
I cannot speak for him, but for myself. Tito was a left hook guy. His right was a clean up punch, but his left hook was his bread and butter. A guy watched out for that in the fight. With Tommy his right hand was his bread and butter set up by a jab which he would pick guys to the body and head with and then swell them up softening them up for the right. I think the right of Hearns would be hard for Oscar to stand up to or avoid. If you look at the guys he fought, no one had a right like Tommy, although I think Oscar is one of the best fighters of the lat 15 years. He should have waited to go to 147. At 140 he had a great left hook and was a little faster.
Tommy usually was beaten by himself and his need to make fights exciting and land his punches. If he sat back and picked guy up and down to the body and head like he liked to do, he could have won any fight easy. He was that quick. The style which gave Hearns trouble are the pressure guys. Not Oscar's style. But Oscar would not go down in one or two rounds, I think he goes into the late rounds.

And in my opinion when your talkin about Tito and Tommy..Your talkin apples and oranges
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