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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post

November 06, 1986

With obvious pride, promoter Bob Arum stepped before microphones and cameras Monday in New York to announce that arrangements had been completed for the ``fight of the century.``

Arum, a lawyer and former Internal Revenue Service agent, is smarter than that.

What he has in hand is the boxing hoax of the ages: Marvin Hagler vs. Sugar Ray Leonard, April 6 in Las Vegas.

It`s the best fighter in the world against a guy who was knocked down in his last fight three years ago and retired because he couldn`t, or wouldn`t, take it anymore.

Hagler will be paid $12 million for 12 rounds, or less, and Leonard will get $11 million. All of it is guaranteed money with promise of more.

No one, no event, in the long history of sports ever has produced such income. Hagler-Leonard, Arum says, could gross an unworldly $100 million.

Such is the appeal of a major fight. But it`s strange, because this doesn`t figure to be much of a fight at all.

We have yet to find a knowledgeable boxing man who gives Leonard, the former welterweight champion, any sort of chance against Hagler, the destructive middleweight champion.

Early odds in Las Vegas list Hagler as a 4-to-1 favorite, but this is merely an invitation to bettors. The odds will swing heavily upward in Hagler`s favor.

The problem with this fight is that it should have been scheduled five days earlier, on April Fools` Day.

For if ever there were an awful joke in championship sports, it`s Leonard vs. Hagler for the World Boxing Council middleweight title.

Two of the sport`s governing bodies have refused to sanction the fight. Normally more accommodating, the World Boxing Association insisted that the fight must be scheduled for 15 rounds, its standard. The International Boxing Federation nixed it because its rules bar fighters who have had eye retina damage (Leonard).
I guess you didn't read the rest of my post.

From your article it looks like Arum tried to cherrypick Leonard but it got turned around on him. That's good on Sugar Ray but it doesn't change the fact that Leonard waited until Hagler was older, depressed and seen getting outboxed by Mugabi that Leonard finally decided to pounce on the opportunity. Good cherrypicking.

Duran II. Leonard's side RESEARCHED Duran's out of the ring habits and muscled a date accordingly. Nuff said.
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