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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs Corrie Sanders- THE FACTS

Originally Posted by juice20 View Post
Current Wlad is much different than the version who was sparked out. Skills and approach/style wise he's much different. Maybe not as potentially exciting given his safety first approach, which is obvious now, but a better overall fighter without question.The only thing that remains the intangibles you can't teach....he is not a hard man in the slightest, not a particularly tough "bad ass". He was easily put out of his comfort zone and into panic/survival mode, where more mentally tough guys would have reacted different by holding, tying up, or fighting back with equal intent. That inability to cope mentally is not something that can be trained out of a man. It can be hidden and protected through better technique and planning, which he's successfully done, but is always there. Sanders was just a wake up call.
Wlad is a very tough man.

He continues boxing when all people did not give a **** about him. Only Emanuel Steward. In 2005 no TV contract for the Klitschkos (they fought together with Sauerland), Don King against them. Big bro the so called tougher brother retired, but Wladimir continues boxing. Fought his way back to the top. He fought the eliminator against the most dangerous opponent at this time Samuel Peter! Samuel Peter was the next big thing for HBO. Wlad won this fight and deserves the shot for a wordlchampionship fight.

In 2006 he becomes Champ again and fought all his mandatories, unifies the titles.

Great Champion and great and tough character.
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