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Default Re: Diaz want Anderson Silva!

Originally Posted by gyll View Post
It'll probably look something like Silva-Leben except Diaz will last a bit longer. But you never know, father time can catch up to Silva any day now. I wouldn't miss it if the fight happens. Everyone outside of Jones is an underdog against Silva. If Silva is going to fight an underdog it might as well be a dog with a ton of fight in him.
Diaz is a lot more skilled than Leben, but I see where you're coming from. A lot of people used to talk about a hypothetical Diaz/Leben match, but I always figured that Diaz would absolutely murder him. Not like Anderson did, but similar to what Nick did to BJ, except there might be a stoppage, and Leben wouldn't offer as much offense as BJ did.

Nick would lose to Anderson. I'm pretty much positive of that. I am a huge fan of both guys; they both have a home in my top five favorite fighters list, but Anderson clearly has the advantage on the feet, where the fight would likely be contested. On the ground things even up a bit, but the likelihood of the fight taking place there is slim. Nick doesn't have the takedown ability to take Anderson down, and if Nick were to be knocked down, Anderson is smart enough not to follow a skilled guard player to the ground. Just watch the Leites or the Maia fights.

In the grand scheme, Nick is a bit underrated defensively. People often say that he has no defence whatsoever, but that isn't really the case. He rolls punches well, and he actually does have some head movement. You can see it in pretty much any one of his fights. He appears to get rocked and knocked down frequently, but he has said in the past that he will fall if he even has the idea that the punch has hurt him at all. He does this so he can play guard, rather than get capitalized upon on the feet. So, a lot of his knockdowns are really him just sitting down and resetting. There are exceptions, like when Daley may him faceplant, but you will notice quite frequently, that when he gets him flush, he doesn't just fall, but rather sits on his ass and awaits his opponent to approach him.

I don't know what any of that had to do with anything, but I do know that a fight with Anderson is not in Nick's best interests.
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