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Default Re: That old cliché that fans from a certain neck of the woods 'know their boxing'

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty View Post
Belfast tonight. You will always hear commentators pedal the same old nonsense that the fans who go to Belfast shows 'know their stuff' like they are some mythical crowd who post on boxing sites all day, when they are not watching old fights on Youtube.

So Fury outboxes a dangerous opponent, & this 'know their stuff' crowd are booing like morons before the half way mark, expecting Fury to smash his smaller opponent out of there... hardly an educated crowd.

Same goes for Scotland, you often hear that the punters who turn up to watch big fights in Scotland 'know their boxing' & when the punters boo & jeer, the commentators use this as PROOF that the home fighter is underperforming, when the truth of the matter is that boxing crowds nowadays have next to no clue how to gauge the 'feel' of a fight, never mind how score one!

Just thinking out loud fellas, but I would like to see this lie that a crowd from anywhere in the UK are educated boxing fans booted into touch.

Truth of the matter is, that any poster here who attends a show probably knows more about boxing than anyone else there, apart from the fighters, trainers & promoters themselves. Spoken from experience, does anyone agree?

Or am I wrong, & we still have educated boxing crowds from differing parts of the UK & Ireland in late 2012?
No you're quite right, I remember the same being said about the Manchester crowd when Khan fought Kotelnik. A friend who went to the fight said that most people around him thought that Kotelnik was robbed
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