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Default Re: Jeffries v Quarry

Quarry was a talented fighter in some regards. He had a nice counter hook. He had stamina, a solid chin and guts to spare. His hand speed was very good for a heavyweight too.

However his power was just OK. He was small. He had issues with cuts, and above all else he didn’t always fight smart. There were times when Quarry should have boxed, but he opted to slug and vice versa.

Jeffries is bigger, and hits harder. Quarry would not be too hard to find. I would pick Jeffries to take Quarry out in the mid to late rounds. Jeffries athleticism, hand speed, footwork and defensive abilities remain misunderstood by many modern boxing fans. Lack of film is the primary reason. The film of him in the ring that survives runs slow, and is choppy. Yet the papers of the time, and Jeffries opponents all spoke of the above attributes. And his training film which is clear and up close for views concurs with the news papers.
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