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Default Re: Was Wills better than McVea, Jeannette or Langford?

Originally Posted by Lord Tywin View Post
Some would quibble with the knockdown because it was kind of on the break but for me the real indication of his power was the jab that buckles Firpos knees a few seconds before and sends Firpo reeling back a few steps. When you consider how big and strong Firpo was thats impressive.

The thing that caught my eye was how easily Wills dealt with Firpo in the clinches. Wills was a very big, very strong, athletic heavyweight. Really a pre-cursor to the modern heavyweights.

Papers say Wills was a good clincher and body puncher. Flooring Fripo once is nice, but Firpo never had good balance. Dempsey floored Firpo 7 times in round one, and hurt him, which judging by the decision is something Wills did not do. This make me think Wills power wasn't on Dempsey's level.

It seems like every once in a while a film most of us thought was lost resurfaces. I'd love to see this one!
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