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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Originally Posted by Xplosive View Post
Toney would have stopped Benn, and outclassed Eubank over 12.
Originally Posted by knockout artist View Post
but no way he'd outclass Eubank. It would be a very close fight, and I think Eubank's movement would be key to offsetting Toney, hence I pick Chris to beat him.
Phyiscal attributes:
Power: Eubank
Handspeed: Toney
Reflexes: Toney

Technical attributes

Jab: Toney
Defense: Toney
Offense: Toney
Footwork: Toney
Eubank's footwork could be downright sloppy at times, which is why he got dropped by guys like Collins and Calzaghe

Skillset: Toney
Toney is basically a improved version of Eubank. A counter puncher, with better handspeed and defense
Style advantage: Toney
Toney has beaten guys better than Eubank like McCallum. Johnson and Nunn. Eubank never beat anyone half as good as Toney. He struggled greatly with guys like Close, Malinga and Thornton.

Blueprint fight:
Toney vs Reggie Johnson

How the fight plays out:

Eubank's lateral movement won't really be a major factor in this fight because guys like Collinsx2, Thornton and Benn found him in the ring, so Toney would be able to find him also.

Two things will happen during the fight:

Eubank takes the lead:
Euabnk never looked good fighting off the front foot. A lot of the time he looked awkward and off balance. This would work to Toney's favor because he will exploit all of the openings that Eubank's flawed offense provides. Eubank really wont have much luck getting past Toney's defense and will get caught with counter right crosses/uppercuts.

Toney takes the lead:
Toney had much better handspeed and reflexes than Eubank. So its going to be hard for Eubank to find opening for counters. To be effective as a counter puncher you really need to have a speed advantage over your opponent, something which Eubank does not have in this h2h fight.

If Eubank cant even beat a limited fighter like Collins than there is no way he beats someone like Toney
Toney wide ud

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