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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs Corrie Sanders- THE FACTS

Originally Posted by jisi View Post
Wlad is a very tough man.

He continues boxing when all people did not give a **** about him. Only Emanuel Steward. In 2005 no TV contract for the Klitschkos (they fought together with Sauerland), Don King against them. Big bro the so called tougher brother retired, but Wladimir continues boxing. Fought his way back to the top. He fought the eliminator against the most dangerous opponent at this time Samuel Peter! Samuel Peter was the next big thing for HBO. Wlad won this fight and deserves the shot for a wordlchampionship fight.

In 2006 he becomes Champ again and fought all his mandatories, unifies the titles.

Great Champion and great and tough character.
He deserves respect for his accomplishments in this era and everything you mentioned but my comment was not about his resume or his willingness to continue his career, or any of that stuff. Take off the bias blinders for a moment (i know its difficult). Sure he's intelligent, a great athlete, a good boxer and champion, but comparatively speaking, he is not a fearsome hard man. He could and can be intimidated by pressure, and doesn't deal all that well with it. It's unfortunate he is in this era of men who are out of shape, unskilled, fight an amateur style, or are simply pussies unwilling to fight with intent and take risks. Yes, his style can nullify a lot of offense, but come on, imagine him against recent and past greats who would come forward regardless and try to actually win with intent. The deer in the headlights, survival mode, full of panic is not something that can be trained's in his character as a the ring. It's okay to admit your man has a flaw.
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