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Default Re: Does size matter....ok we know it more in mma, or boxing

its a answer that is not ever going to be ABSOULUTE as its case specific anyway one CUTs it. Overall, however, i would say that boxing without doubt has refined itself to being more dependent on WIEGHT as a MEASURE. The very fact that GSP is considered to fight Silva and Silva to fight Jon Jones shows the overall difference. In boxing, fights with this size disadvatange would usually not even be considered. One poster mentioned Mayweather witch to me is bang on the money. In mma a dude as talented as Mayweather could be DEALT with via such a WIDE variety of DIFFERENT techniques. In boxing however, this is FAR LESS of a option. Same with Vlad. Say what you want about Vlad, the fact is for his size he has FAST hands. In MMA facing a opponent like Vlad one would be mad to stand and trade PUNCHEs with him with or without a size difference. As another said on here, take his legs out or take him down. However, with the greater rule restrictions of boxing it LIMITs the techniques available and thus if one is facing a dude like Floyd or Vlad to beat them they are going to have to be nearly as fast or at least ALOT BIGGER to nulify the SPEED and TIMING differences. Bigger of course means potentially more POWER in a single shot as well it means potentially MORE range [[ depending on height to weight ratio etc ]] to deal with the ABILITY of a dude like Floyd or Vlad etc.
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